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Five Alive Mission Community East Devon
August 2022

Sunday 7th August 2022 11:00amMission Community Holy Communion at Stockland with Baptism
6:00pmSongs of Praise at the Vicarage Garden, Kilmington
Saturday 13th August 2022 3:00pmKilmington - Let's Celebrate!
Sunday 14th August 2022 11:00amDalwood - Pet Service
11:00amKilmington - Morning Worship
11:00amShute - Holy Communion (BCP with Hymns)
11:00amStockland - Morning Worship
11:00amYarcombe - Family Service
Sunday 21st August 2022 9:30amKilmington - Holy Communion
11:00amDalwood - Holy Communion
6:30pmYarcombe - Evening Prayer
Saturday 27th August 2022 3:00pmKilmington - Baptism Service
Sunday 28th August 2022 9:30amKilmington - Service of the Word
9:30amStockland - Holy Communion
11:00amDalwood - Service of the Word
6:30pmShute - Choral Evensong